Marcea Weiss
Plant Operations Manager
Mercury Marine/Brunswick Corporation 

"Manufacturing is the industry where we take technology-based dreams and make them a reality by building things. At Mercury, we build high horsepower outboard and stern drive engines that allow people an opportunity to unplug, be active and enjoy themselves on the water. That's pretty cool!"

Marcea has a keen talent for blending the hard (data driven) with the soft (people focused) elements of tasks. She is committed to both process and team members, and has the uncanny ability to evoke similar dedication from her various project teams. With a direct report team of 12 and nearly 600 LSS Green Belts throughout Mercury Marine’s global operations, Marcea relies on her leadership skills to manage a range of varied and widespread projects to produce the desired results.
Marcea has a military background and has been instrumental in establishing and directing Mercury’s Veterans Network. This network brings together Mercury’s sizeable group of veterans to meet, support, and share experiences both in life and on the job. It has been beneficial to both the veterans and the company on several levels. She is also extremely active in the Mercury’s Women’s Network, which like the Veterans Network, seeks to provide female employees with a resource group of their own. 
Outside of Mercury, Marcea is the Commander of a MEDEVAC helicopter unit in the Wisconsin Army National Guard, where she has the opportunity to both lead the unit and pilot UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters for medical evacuations. Her participation in this demanding effort has strengthened ties and built stronger bridges between the armed forces and Mercury Marine. Last March, Marcea helped orchestrate a job fair for veterans which resulted in Mercury hiring 30 individuals. These efforts have been influential in underscoring the company’s commitment to veterans in key programs and policies. 

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