Kari Warberg Block
Founder and CEO

“Professionally, I’m passionate about manufacturing because it contributes more to the well-being of our economy than any other industry. Personally, I'm passionate about manufacturing because it provides me with a platform to use business as a force for good."

Kari is an innovator, both in terms of the products she creates and the methods she uses to market them. When she began her work experimenting with all-natural, botanical rodent repellent, 98% of products in the category were poisonous, kill options. Now, nearly 10 years after the introduction of Kari’s natural products, kill and poison options make up only 90% of the market. Recognizing her product would be strengthened with smart marketing, Kari recently introduced her own, proprietary strategy, “Tools for Turns,” which provides member retailers, pre-designed, turn-key options to assist them in promoting Kari’s products easily and accurately.
In her home-state of North Dakota, Kari is a tireless advocate and represents her community at the national and state level in her activities with the National Women’s Business Council and as one of Ernst & Young’s prestigious Winning Women. Kari embodies what it means to be a champion for women entrepreneurs through her participation as a panel member at the Center for Technology, a former chair of the Women’s Business Center, and as a continuing participant with Women’s Weekend Startup Committee. In these instances and others, whenever Kari has the opportunity to share about her experience as a woman in business and manufacturing, Kari is effective as a sounding-board and at inspiring others to persevere toward their goals.
Kari is passionate about women’s issues and animal rights, and is a generous donor in both time and monetary funds to many causes, including funding start-up operations and dedicating her time to mentoring entrepreneurs.

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