Katelyn Vara
Project Engineer
Mercury Marine/Brunswick Corporation

"It takes teamwork, problem solving, and innovation to overcome constantly changing challenges to evolve concepts into finished products. There’s incredible satisfaction and pride providing products that bring families and friends together, enable fisherman to enjoy their sport, propel law enforcement and rescue boats, and drive adrenaline rushes for speed junkies."

Katelyn brings a complement of technical skills and project management talents to each effort she undertakes.  In a recent project, Katelyn was responsible for leading a core team of 12 engineers as well as coordinating with numerous departments within Mercury and client boat companies to test and validate a new sterndrive marine engine system. Katelyn successfully coordinated cross-department and cooperation cross-company to facilitate concept development, design changes, development testing, and performance testing. She was successful in this effort in large part because she was able to think on her feet throughout the fast-paced process, address challenges, and integrate solutions seamlessly.
Katelyn has spent a significant time mentoring in her role as Assistant Coach of the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh Women’s Volleyball team. As an athlete and graduate of UW-Oshkosh and UW-Madison, a nationally recognized player in the NCAA, and a National Player of the Year in the NCVF, Katelyn’s credentials are impeccable and respected by the players. The job’s responsibilities, which Katelyn deftly blends and manages with her obligations at Mercury, require a seven-day-a-week schedule, which includes practice, conditioning, scheduling, planning, tournaments, public appearances with the team, and other duties. She offers a steady hand and reasoned voice for her players. Empathetic and caring, yet energetic, engaging, and intense, Katelyn passionately holds players to a high standard both on and off the court and has come to be a respected voice and a trusted sounding board for her charges. 
While her volleyball commitment is all-consuming, Katelyn is active in the community in several other ways, including being a Special Olympics volunteer, serving as a Mercury Well–being Champion, participating in the Corporate Challenge – Team Mercury, volunteering with STEM Academy activities, and being active in Mercury blood drives.  

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