Yulia Tyukhova, Ph.D. 
Engineering Technologist
Acuity Brands 

"Manufacturing transforms the results of scientific research, engineering, and creativity into tangible products. The art of manufacturing in the lighting industry is the transformation of light into lighting solutions that not only enable us to perform our everyday tasks, but more importantly enhance the quality of our lives."

Yulia serves as a key member of the team who designs and conducts research experiments, supports marketing efforts with technical information and creative ideas, and shares her expertise with colleagues. She is an innovator with a proven track record of successful research implementation, and is continually looking for ways to apply state-of-the-art research to meet industry needs. Her scientific findings will directly affect how the company proceeds with future R&D initiatives, product launches, and marketing campaigns.  With her help, the company continues to produce innovative product designs that meet and exceed customer needs.
Yulia has always shared her passion for lighting through her presentations and demonstrations to students during open house events at the University of Nebraska. After attending her first Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Annual Conference, Yulia began serving on national committees including the IES Emerging Professionals Event committee that was specifically formed to mentor future lighting professionals. Since 2012, she has worked with the committee to organize the student event at the IES Annual Conference to engage students and other young industry professionals to join IES. 
Yulia serves as a thought partner to the lighting industry as a whole. Her tremendous contributions to the industry are evident through her involvement in the International Commission on Illumination, her work as a reviewer of scientific journal papers, her speaking engagements (e.g. IES Annual conferences, the U.S. Department of Energy Solid-State Lighting Technology Development Workshop), and her awards (e.g. Robert J. Besal Fund Scholarship, Jonas Bellovin Award, American Association of University Women Fellowship, two IES Young Professionals Scholarships, feature in “Lighting Design + Application").  

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