Amanda Tolhurst
Director of Materials, NAR Manufacturing
Whirlpool Corporation

"Manufacturing provides the unique opportunity to bring talent, materials, and technology together to produce something tangible – innovative products that make our consumers' lives better. It's exciting to come to work every day and strive for greater results through continuous improvement; it means no two days are ever the same."

Throughout her 11 years at Whirlpool, Amanda has been an integral part of driving change through major initiatives.  Most recently, she has developed a comprehensive materials strategy with a reach across the entire enterprise that allows for clear accountability of the materials function. She is skilled at bringing together multiple functions and navigating the waters of conflicting priorities, metrics, and even politics to align everyone and keep them moving in the same direction. Her influencing skills are highly developed, and have been integral to her success.
Amanda places great emphasis on her personal development and the development of her team. She is known throughout the organization as a good decision maker, and is sought out by other young leaders in the company for career and personal advice.    She is a member of the Whirlpool Women’s Network, which exists to empower and engage other women at Whirlpool. Through this employee advocacy group, mentors and mentees are identified and paired. Amanda is active in mentoring several young women who have recently joined Whirlpool. 
Amanda volunteers her time and energy supporting professional and philanthropic organizations in her community. Originally from Canada, Amanda served for 2 years on the Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Canada (SCL) Board of Directors. In 2013 Amanda was awarded the Emerging Leader Award from the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP).  She is also active in supporting many activities each year to benefit local charities including a number of fundraising events to support the United Way of Southwest Michigan and serving on several build teams through Habitat for Humanity. 

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