Robin Tindall
Environmental Stewardship Manager
Hypertherm Inc.

"Being able to design and make something is empowering and exciting. It takes an amazing amount of teamwork, creativity, and hard work to convert an idea to a design, and the design to a product that is useful and reliable. The joy is in the collaboration."

Robin is a thought leader in challenging our engineering community to consider other ways to deliver value to customers and to the world. As the company’s Environmental Stewardship Manager, Robin convenes associates and leaders from all areas of the company around specific environmental challenges to develop shared learning opportunities and spark new solutions. She has worked with the marketing organization on translating Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives and results into a meaningful value proposition for customers. Robin is a major driving force behind the company’s goal of becoming a zero-landfill waste manufacturing organization by 2020. 
Robin is passionate about sharing her knowledge with others. During the past two years, she has mentored two team members new to the field of environmental stewardship. Her work includes bringing best practices back to the team and coaching team members on how to most effectively work across boundaries to impact and influence people who work in a complex, manufacturing environment. In fact, Robin has mentored Green Champions from more than 40 teams, helping them and their teams become Greener Cuts certified. 
She is a tireless volunteer who works to support her community in many ways. Robin is a regular participant in Young Women in Engineering Day, where she develops and leads workshops for girls in 7th through 10th grade, and Girl Technology Day. She also helps with Learn to Win, a program that engages high school students with hands-on demonstrations to illustrate emerging STEM work. Robin regularly leads school groups in tours highlighting sustainability and lean manufacturing practices, but also goes a step further to get students to think about how they can incorporate sustainability into their everyday lives. 

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