Joanne Tetsill
Embedded Software Manager
UTC Aerospace Systems

"I love to create and be part of a product. Aerospace manufacturing is constantly challenging me to explore new learning opportunities. The fast paced nature and importance of manufacturing keeps me engaged and rewarded."

Joanne leads 30 engineers in critical work on 40 programs with a total value of over $50M. She is recognized as a "can-do" leader with the ability, energy, and drive to positively impact her team toward technical and commercial success in completion of challenging projects. She has been successful in setting and enforcing software design and development processes; helping to formulate short and long-term architectural strategies; and ensuring that all software projects are executing on schedule, on budget, and meeting technical requirements. 
Joanne instituted the site's first co-op staffing program and is a site-wide leader in internship activities. She mentors her direct reports and others to effectively meet the challenges across programs and projects. Joanne strives to actively engage employees and boost morale. She leads employee satisfaction and engagement initiatives for the 200 engineers on site as well as the safety teams of 800+ people. Joanne led the initiative for the site to celebrate the 65th Anniversary National Engineers' Week celebration, recruiting a team of volunteers to create over a dozen unique activities during the week, to the delight of her fellow co-workers. 
She also shares her talents and passion with the community. Joanne leads a volunteer team for the gleaning program at local organic farms. Utilizing primarily volunteer labor, the program gleans and rescues fresh food from Intervale farms and other local farms during the growing season and packages it into weekly free food shares for individuals, families, and social service agencies. She is also actively involved as a parent in the Burlington Children’s Space daycare, a self-sustaining nonprofit care center. Monthly, Joanne volunteers her time to help prepare, serve, and clean up after the family dinners. 

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