Lori Tapani
Wyoming Machine Inc.

"People are my passion! In manufacturing, we use processes and technology/innovation to transform raw materials into final products. That transformation is powered by people with diverse skill sets working collaboratively! Identifying and harnessing the unique gifts and talents that each person brings to the team is where the magic happens."

Lori leverages her experience, skills, and passion to be extremely effective in driving the long-term vision for Pine Technical and Community College (PTCC).  She has demonstrated leadership within the college by committing time to help faculty develop new curriculum and guidance on equipment purchase, and is exceptional in communicating its value. Her extensive experience working with multiple boards gives her access to critical leaders and decision-makers that results in policy, which ultimately helps sustain a strong manufacturing sector in Minnesota. 
Lori was a strong supporter of a unique model for delivering off-site, distance manufacturing training. She supported the discovery and implementation of this program at her company, and allowed PTCC to mature the curriculum and find new ways to promote manufacturing training not only at her company, but around the region.  She was instrumental in offering feedback on curriculum, ensuring the program is industry-driven, and provides students with real skills that they can bring to the workplace. She is a true leader and has supported Wyoming Machine women in technology efforts through annual events and the continuous work she does with local high schools and social organizations. 
Lori has provided much to the community. She is extremely effective in getting others involved with supporting many of the causes that promote manufacturing and human capital development overall. Lori has supported the PTCC Foundation for many years, and spends countless hours reviewing grant applications and supporting fundraising that provide the necessary funding for student access to higher education. She simply understands what matters to students and how to most effectively promote manufacturing and build excitement. 

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