Janet Stephens
Director of Planning & Initiatives 

"Manufacturing represents all that is good about our society – hard working people who care about what they are doing, not only for themselves and their families, but also for their communities."

Janet is well-known globally within SCA for both her ability to successfully integrate technology across all disciplines and her outstanding leadership. Over the past ten years, Janet has led the Bowling Green plant to become one of SCA’s state-of-the-art and benchmarks in production efficiency. In her current role, Janet combines her skills in technology, manufacturing systems, R&D, and marketing to drive innovation and efficiency. 
As someone who has been with SCA for 28+ years and has worked from a junior level quality supervisor role into site management, Janet is an ideal example of a leader. She demonstrates a passion for her job that translates into a culture of care – the facility is her family. Janet’s extensive knowledge of all aspects of the plant make her a go-to resource for any plant issue. In her earlier management days she was the problem solver, but as a senior manager she has evolved into more of a coach, guiding team members to find their own answers and helping them grow in the process.
Janet has been involved in the local community, particularly with the elderly, for years. Beginning in 2008, Janet began scheduling visits to local nursing home facilities at various times during the year. What began as just a few employees visiting once a year, has evolved into an ongoing relationship that SCA has developed with two adult day care facilities and two nursing homes. Janet is also involved in the local Alzheimers Association, as she has a personal connection to the cause. 

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