Hope Riggs
Manager, Pre-press department 
Ball Corporation

"I am passionate about everything in life. Working in manufacturing gives me the opportunity to help our customers get the products they want; the way they want it. Manufacturing brings a different challenge every day allowing me to solve problems and improve processes."

Hope is a “doer,” making significant impacts at Ball. From being the force that brings teams together, to implementing large cost saving changes, to investing her heart and time in the charitable organization she founded, Hope shares her passion and skills by getting results. She is effective in rallying her team to solve operational issues, and in facilitating brainstorming sessions by keeping the process focused. In addition to being a leader of operational teams, Hope is a leader in her interactions with customers. She embodies the company value of being close to customers and demonstrates leadership in this daily.
Hope is deeply involved in the development of her new employees and ensures they have the hard and soft skills needed to be successful. She then encourages them to apply those skills and serves as a sounding board when they need guidance. Whether she is acting as a resource to members of her team through training and development, or as an adviser to her leadership team, Hope is constantly demonstrating her mentorship skills.
While Hope has volunteered with several community-oriented organizations, her most impressive community impact comes from her heart. After losing a good friend to leukemia, Hope felt the need to find a way to support others, ultimately forming her own nonprofit, Hearts Full of Hope, to allow her to raise money to help with a child’s medical expenses. Whether she’s helping someone she knows, or pursuing a cause near and dear to her heart, Hope makes an exceptional impact in her community. 

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