Amber Pratt-Lum
Project Administrator Supervisor of TPR
The Raymond Corporation

"My passion for manufacturing stems from my dedication to helping people. Manufacturing not only provides goods that help in our everyday lives (such as food, cars, computers, and forklifts), but it also provides jobs for local economies. Manufacturing helps to grow our economy and keep jobs local."

Amber started her career at The Raymond Corporation as an Administrative Support Specialist in manufacturing operations and has since advanced through the organization to her current position. Her talents were instrumental in the creation and rollout of the Total Process Reliability (TPR) team. Throughout her tenure, she has been acknowledged not only for her technical knowledge and abilities, but also for her concern for all organization team members and their development. In addition to her current role as Project Administrator Supervisor, Amber is also leading the manufacturing departments throughout the company’s multi-year plan on TPR. With her strategic thinking and clear setting of expectations and goals, she is a major contributor to the company’s competitiveness for the future. 
Amber develops an organizational culture that fosters teamwork and guidance for every person to succeed. Amber has coordinated and established formal training with two other sites in North America, enlisting a professional organization to provide TPR education for 10 key leaders. She has also been instrumental in the rollout of Implementation, Focus, and Equipment teams in her organization. Amber is training these teams for the responsible development of TPR processes in the five corresponding departments of the manufacturing facilities. 
Amber’s selfless dedication to the company and participation in activities that go beyond her daily duties speak volumes to her character and resolve. From golf tournaments to charity runs, she is continually looking for ways to promote community spirit while giving back. Amber’s willingness to give, whether at work or in the community, is a true quality of leadership.  

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