Diana Peters
Symbol Tool, Inc.

“I am passionate about women's equality as well as workforce development to help improve, promote, and sustain this wonderful industry and career. The ability to manufacture something tangible from an idea or a dream, all the way to the product development stage is very empowering and life affirming.”

Diana works tirelessly as an ambassador of the possibilities of manufacturing and STEM careers for women, sharing the passion for manufacturing, which she honed as a child after coming to work with her father.  She has made it a goal to focus on making sure more women are hired in the manufacturing field. Diana frequently speaks with young women at high school Career Day events, Girl Scout troop meetings, and manufacturing career fairs throughout Chicago and the suburbs to promote the opportunities available in the manufacturing sector and at Symbol Tool, Inc.  She is the education ambassador for the Women in Manufacturing’s Illinois Chapter.
Diana has made an impact in the community in two important ways. First, through her efforts to increase the number of women employed in manufacturing companies, Diana has empowered women and shown them that they have the potential to change their own economic status. Diana has helped women explore the challenges to self-sufficiency and determine ways to overcome these challenges. These women can now support themselves and their families, and have increased confidence in their ability to thrive and be successful. Second, to expand her ability to promote the growth and recognition of the manufacturing industry, Diana has recently formed a nonprofit organization called ManufacturingNEXT. With this organization, Diana can more strongly advocate for women's equality in manufacturing by promoting the profession to women.  

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