Merry Parisotto
Sales Operations Manager
Terex Corporation

"I believe prosperous and stable countries are those who manufacture and export. I want my family and me to have opportunities for a good life in a healthy economic environment, and that's why I am proud and passionate to support manufacturing through Terex."

Merry is at the center of a variety of the company’s initiatives due to her deep process and technical knowledge, as well as her network of connections throughout the organization. Recently through her efforts, a complicated and highly transformative implementation came off much more smoothly for customers and gave her team the confidence to be at the front line of change. She regularly exhibits leadership in both large and small ways, including implementing Lean Management practices in the Customer Care organization. 
Mentoring is something that has come naturally to Merry during her career at Terex. She does this both formally with her team and with employees outside of her direct team. In addition to deploying the Daily Management System, she has put together a structured process to focus on team development, providing consistent one-on-one meetings, team meetings, and regular feedback to keep the team connected and highly engaged. Through this process, her team members are regularly promoted to roles with greater responsibility. Her depth of knowledge and supportive demeanor makes her an ideal mentor.
For many years, Merry has stepped forward to inject community outreach into team building events. In one example, she added a bike building competition to a team picnic, then donated the bikes to foster kids. In other cases, she has transformed holiday food drives into something more, not just collecting food, but reaching out to the food bank to identify specific needs, and rallying the entire office to donate items that make a difference. Although these are just two examples, they represent the way she consistently focuses on helping others so much so that it has become a part of the corporate culture.  

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