Aneesa Muthana
President / Owner
Pioneer Service Inc. 
"Manufacturers are makers. The process of bringing people together to MAKE something that will go on to serve a bigger purpose is where my passion lies. Knowing that the parts that leave my shop are contributing to the world at large, touching lives, and benefitting people fuels my passion."

Aneesa leveraged her technical skills with her leadership expertise to spearhead the company’s effort in transitioning Pioneer to meet the demands of the modern market.  She took the lead in evaluating technology, machine tools, and vendor services; shepherded the company through selling or replacing over 80% of its equipment; and moving into new higher quality, higher demand markets. She ensured the team was trained in the new production, quality assurance, and product technologies to successfully meet standards.  Perhaps most importantly, she helped her team face the challenges confidently as they made the transition.
Aneesa has hands-on experience at almost every aspect of manufacturing in a production machining and grinding environment – learned as she worked in her parents’ machine shop as a high schooler. This experience makes Aneesa’s counsel particularly valuable. She has mentored other women at industry meetings and conferences, and has been struck by how many lack the confidence in their personal judgment and knowledge. She is inspired by helping each member of her team use their skills fully, and she has sponsored classes that teach English as a second language, as well as machine, quality, and process-specific training for all her employees.
In addition to mentoring other women in industry and employees in her shop, Aneesa and her team have also hosted many local events to help high school juniors and seniors explore their career options in advanced manufacturing and precision machining. Aneesa’s global impacts have been focused on humanitarian assistance and post-disaster relief. She has spent weeks providing relief and assistance throughout the U.S. with the American Red Cross and other NGO’s.  

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