Natalie Monroe
Corporate Environmental Manager

"I am passionate about manufacturing because it’s part of my family heritage. As Corporate Environmental Manager, I am involved with forest sustainability, regulatory compliance, and waste reduction strategies at our manufacturing facilities. Being good stewards of our land and timber is who we are as a company and a family."

Natalie provides leadership in all areas of environmental-related activities.  She has spent her career protecting the business by constantly staying abreast of the latest standards and expectations. Natalie has developed, implemented, and continuously improved upon best management practices in the organization’s manufacturing facilities, which have been critical to remaining environmentally responsible. Her work with the EPA, Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality repeatedly goes beyond mere compliance and sets a higher standard of excellence.
Natalie works very closely with both forestry and manufacturing personnel to ensure they have the technical capabilities and environmental familiarities to effectively survey and audit environmental-related activities at locations throughout the organization. She leads environmental audit activities, providing mentoring to those needing continued specific technical knowledge and development. Natalie has the interpersonal skills to establish relationships, the strength and resilience to sustain those relationships, and most importantly, the engineering and environmental technical knowledge and competence to be an effective mentor. 
In addition to her corporate duties, Natalie was elected to serve as president of the RoyOMartin Family Council (2006-2014), representing family shareholders on the organization's board of directors. Prior to that, she was elected to serve as president of the Martin Foundation, overseeing distribution of charitable funds by the organization, including the oversight and administration of the Foundation's employee scholarship program. She demonstrates a continuing commitment to serve the community and shares her talents in a number of significant roles, including serving as a member of the Alexandria Country Day School Board of Trustees, being an active member part of the Junior League, and teaching fitness classes at a local health club. 

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