Regina Molisee
Quality & Continuous Improvement Manager
BASF Corporation

"Manufacturing allows me to solve problems in a team environment. Nothing is more rewarding than collaborating with teammates to improve a process or solve a problem. I love to learn from others and from new experiences, and there are endless opportunities to learn and grow from the challenges of manufacturing."

Regina is recognized as a process safety champion. She has high personal standards and expects the same of others. Her thoughtful, precise leadership was instrumental to the company’s efforts to increase production output through a major expansion. She leveraged not only her technical skills, but also her project management and leadership talents to produce results that are a model for doing the job effectively.
Regina’s humility, integrity, and collaboration skills have resulted in her delivery of truly effective coaching to improve the performance of others. She gains respect through fostering an environment of inclusivity – where everyone feels like their ideas and concerns are important, building healthy working relationships, and demonstrating competence in her areas of responsibility. She has on-boarded and managed several new employees who have not only grown in technical skills, but also learned how to set goals for the future, gain alignment of their team, and motivate people to get the goals accomplished. 
As a native of the area, Regina understands the difficulty in inspiring STEM and manufacturing professional careers in rural areas, and is actively involved in seeking opportunities to expose students to STEM careers. She was one of the primary points of contact for an outreach to the local student chapters of ASME, AIChE and the Association of Petroleum Engineers, which resulted in an event so successful that it’s now held annually.  She also volunteers at local elementary schools as part of a program to expose and inspire young students to pursue STEM careers. 

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