Kathryn Miller
HST Materials, Inc.
"Each day I am challenged to be creative, competitive, level-headed, and a leader. In return, I am rewarded each day with learning something new about my business, customers, vendors, and my employees. That's why I so enjoy the manufacturing industry."

Kathryn has leveraged her skills and experience to achieve a pattern of growth in 11 of the past 13 years, including double digit growth in seven of those years. She promotes a continuous improvement philosophy that reaches each member and department. She tasks her staff to apply lean manufacturing principals to scrutinize processes with the aim of continuously building a robust operational system. Kathryn has 100% buy-in from the staff and motivates everyone to bring their best ideas to the table. 
She believes the most important resource in her organization is the staff. Over the past year, her employees have grown through external training in CAD, ISO Auditing, Process Capability/Process Performance (Cpk/Ppk), as well as Geometry and Dimensions, and have been to conferences and trade shows where potential customers, equipment manufacturers, and material vendors are available for information gathering. Since 2012, Kathryn has supported a high school work program for students to work part-time, allowing them to see the day-to-day operations of a manufacturing environment. Through her work with high schools and internship programs, Kathryn hopes to inspire future generations to consider a career in manufacturing.  
Kathryn shares her talent and time with the community as well.  She is a member of the Elk Grove Village Business Leaders Forum, offering feedback and analysis on issues affecting the community. She has also been involved with promoting women in manufacturing and STEM, hosting a “Women in TMA” event at her facility, bringing together female leaders from the manufacturing industry to discuss their experiences and strategies. Kathryn also spent eight years on the Itasca District 10 School Board and three years on the Lake Park High School Band Auxiliary Board. 

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