Colleen Meagher
Principal Engineer, Integration & Yield

"Manufacturing provides me with the opportunity to constantly learn. Every day is unique and brings challenges that require technical innovation and teamwork to solve. I continue to grow as an engineer and an individual by getting to work with many talented and motivated people who inspire me to be better."

Colleen leads multiple teams and manages priorities with process engineers across 10 departments and 7 technology nodes. These teams work to control the critical dimensions of transistor gates, and reduce defects coming into and generated by the gate module process steps. Through her leadership, her cross-departmental engineering teams have collaborated harmoniously, taking a balanced approach to optimizing customer satisfaction with respect to on-time delivery of quality products. 
Colleen leverages the experiences she’s gained from previous projects, to train and guide four new defect inspection analysts through a combination of formal mentoring relationships and during daily engineering activities. Additionally, she has supported GLOBALFOUNDRIES’ integration with IBM’s former microelectronics division, by training five new team members, of varying experience, for review board documentation and engineering business process standards. 
Colleen has a genuine passion for giving back to the community via education, especially by introducing Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to young women. She has mentored several female undergraduate and graduate students, by providing insight into opportunities for entering an industry career. For the past two years, she’s participated in Engineer Week at local middle schools, helping to teach students the importance of STEM and how it applies to their everyday lives, including lectures and interactive workshops involving gumdrop catapults, paper towers, and language programming. Colleen also volunteers at the Philadelphia Science Festival, preparing and presenting physics demonstrations to students of all ages.

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