Laurie Markoe
Director, Operations, Arconic Energy Systems

"My father was in manufacturing, and as a child I was always fascinated by what he did and the products he made. Manufacturing is the foundation of our safety - in the air, on the ground, offshore, and brings together talented people to create tangible improvements to our collective lives."

Laurie joined Alcoa in July 2015 as part of the acquisition of RTI International Metals, and led the merger of RTI’s and Alcoa’s oil and gas businesses. She led RTI’s oil and gas business to its best revenue year in 2014. By the start of the oil and gas market downturn, Laurie had almost doubled the business’s profitability. The result of Laurie’s leadership during the merger is a unified oil and gas division poised to be a valuable contributor to the new Arconic, following Alcoa’s separation in November 2016. 
Laurie believes strongly in the power of female role models. As such, the common thread that runs through her community involvement is the advancement of women in leadership roles. As a woman with a liberal arts education working in a male-dominated technical field, Laurie brings a unique perspective to discussions on both STEM-related careers and the broader issues of women in the workplace. She has mentored women both formally and informally, and serves as a role model to all the women she meets.
She serves on the board and the advisory council of the Women’s Energy Network (WEN), an international organization of professional women who work across the energy value chain. WEN’s mission is to develop programs to provide networking opportunities and foster career and leadership development of women who work in the energy industries. Additionally, Laurie served on the steering committee of Arconic Women’s Network, one of the company’s longest running employee resource groups, and as the new Arconic Women’s Network’s North America West regional leader. She has long been recognized internally for her leadership and support of female talent.  

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