Stacy Malecki
Senior Director, Hot Section Engineering
Pratt & Whitney

"I am passionate about manufacturing because I am passionate about product design – and product design engineers must work together with manufacturing engineers to create innovative products that are producible at the rate needed to supply customer demand."

Stacy has made numerous, important contributions to Pratt & Whitney as an engine designer, a Component Integration Project Team leader, a design discipline chief, a PW Fellow, and in her current role. Pratt & Whitney Fellow is both a position and an honor, since PW Fellows are recognized as the top technical talent in the company and represent less than one percent of the technical workforce.  Today, Stacy is responsible for a group of more than 140 people in the System Design and Component Integration organization within Pratt & Whitney Engineering. Her management accomplishments are certainly valuable to the company, but the recurrent theme to Stacy’s contributions in recent years is effective leadership. 
Stacy recognized that with the company’s demographics changing significantly, retirements and the influx of new engineers, Pratt & Whitney was losing both important engine design talent and also a sense of historical context for its work. To address this challenge, Stacy created and currently runs a program for new engineers called Design Explorers, which has the objective of exciting, inspiring, and motivating the engine designers of the future. Now in its sixth year, it is a highly successful program with lectures from senior designers and executives. 
Stacy shares her knowledge and talents with the local community.  She has been a regular guest lecturer at MIT, speaking not only about the technical elements of turbine design, but about what it’s like to work as an engineer today, leading a group, selling ideas, and avoiding accepting inferior solutions. Her experience and approach result in her making a meaningful impact on the students she sees. 

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