Romy Ludwig
Regional Engineering Solutions Leader NA/LA
The Dow Chemical Company 
"Manufacturing is all about science, engineering, and safely making products to satisfy the needs of a growing and evolving world. Individual strengths combined to a strong team, working to turn an idea into something real and tangible at the end of the process, is truly exciting and rewarding."

Romy relies on her communication and technical skills to effectively lead the corporation’s North and Latin American regional engineering offices, which include approximately 1,200 people supporting 75 manufacturing sites. Over the past decade, she has delivered breakthrough results in utilizing remote engineering centers in the performance of smaller retrofit and brown-field based engineering projects. In a previous role, Romy led a highly integrated, cross-geographic team to an exceptional increase in workshare between the manufacturing sites and the Dow's Chennai, India engineering office. Romy drove the culture change by setting comprehensive shared goals, eliminating barriers, ensuring efficiency and quality, and working with the teams to identify and minimize risks. 
Romy has been instrumental in a range of mentoring and leadership development opportunities through her career.  She is a member of the Engineering People Team and leads the "Accelerate Talent Development" objective. She also spearheads the engineering training curriculum, ensuring annual review and continuous strengthening of content. In addition, Romy is a company-wide coach for Dow's Women's Innovation Network, helping to drive diversity throughout the broader manufacturing and engineering organization. 
She was also instrumental in the implementation of the DTA (Developmental Temporary Assignment) program, which places individuals on 3-12 month rotations to quickly develop hands-on skillsets. These are either assignments to operating sites for India employees, or assignments in India for operating site workshare leaders. Lastly, she has served as a master coach and professor in Dow’s signature leadership development program, Lead to Exceed. 
Romy participates in Habitat for Humanity in India and in Midland, Michigan. She also supports her local horse riding club, in Germany, through both her labor and donations.  

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