Rebecca Lucore
Head of Sustainability and CSR
Covestro, LLC 
"I’m passionate about informing and educating parents, teachers, and students about the opportunities in manufacturing. Stereotypes still exist regarding the caliber of these jobs. Today, innovations in technology have revolutionized production, and in doing so advanced the process and the skills required to do the jobs." 

Rebecca has redefined Corporate Social Responsibility for Covestro’s North and South American assets – leveraging the knowledge of a global chemical company to inspire future generations. She has worked tirelessly for more than 20 years leading the company’s corporate citizenship, philanthropy, environment/sustainability, STEM education, and diversity efforts. Most recently, Rebecca transformed a traditional corporate volunteerism program to a “next generation” Skills-Based Volunteerism program, in which teams of Covestro employees work on short-term consulting projects with nonprofit organizations to help them address organizational issues, build capacity, and solve problems.  In her current role, she is responsible for innovating new approaches to social programs, philanthropy and donations, community relations and partnerships, and sustainability initiatives for two continents. 
Mentoring others isn’t just a job for Rebecca; helping others is just part of who she is. She has mentored dozens of women and other young professionals throughout her career. Whether hosting a table at a career fair, or training employees to become board members, Rebecca shares her passion to motivate others.  Her organization-wide mentoring impact comes from her active role in corporate STEM initiatives as well as past work in special outreach efforts to benefit the community.
In addition to her influence throughout North America, Rebecca has also personally given back in powerful ways. Her CSR initiatives include STEM education partnerships with the United Nations Environment Programme, the National Governor’s Association, and the National Science Teachers Association. Rebecca has helped drive national conversation about gender and racial equity in STEM fields through research, summits, and reports. In recognition, Covestro was awarded the President’s Service Award, the Ron Brown Award, and the National Science Board’s highest honor – the National Public Service Award.  

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