Lisa Lawrence
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Kentucky (TMMK)

“Manufacturing is a challenging field, and the constant changes engage my passion for people development through problem solving. Teamwork in this environment allows each individual to use their creativity for problem solving and successful outcomes. My greatest reward is seeing members recognize their accomplishments by producing a quality product.”

Lisa is an effective leader and leverages her deep technical experience to drive business results. In 1996, she requested leadership responsibility for the Body Operations Quality Circle program, when the program was declining in membership and participation. Lisa leveraged her experience and passion for team member development and quality circles to benefit both. She developed a strategy encouraging both team members and management to embrace their roles through communication, support, coaching, and involvement. Quality Circle programs are critical to the overall high levels of quality in Toyota vehicles, and Lisa played a key role in bringing them back to life.
She has been instrumental in providing coaching and support throughout her many years at Toyota, perhaps most importantly when she took the lead for the Body Operations group on Toyota Business Practices (TBP) preparation. To maximize results, she attended the training herself, then met with team members to better understand their struggles.  She helped develop a comprehensive training course, then supported the entire organization by performing one-on-one coaching at all levels for panel prep/TBP completion.  Lisa is currently developing a mentoring program for women in her department focusing on challenges women are faced with, such as work-life balance, career path readiness, stress, and networking.
Lisa and her husband are members of a local car club and use this network of car enthusiasts to organize events, fundraise, as well as collect items for raffles and silent auctions. TMMK has also held numerous events throughout the years, with Lisa often being the department lead. Her ability to foster teamwork and engage is integral to the success of these efforts. 

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