Paige Kassalen
Solar Impulse Ground Engineer
Covestro, LLC

"In the chemical industry, how we manufacture products has a tremendous impact on the environment. At Covestro, we are constantly looking to reduce our own energy consumption through innovative manufacturing processes. I am proud to be part of an industry that is driving towards a cleaner future."

As the youngest, and only, U.S. female engineer on the ground crew of the first solar plane to circumnavigate the world without fuel, Paige has already redefined gender barriers in engineering at the age of 23.  Her story was showcased around the country profiling her passionate work as a female in STEM including Forbes, Glamour, and The Huffington Post. In every interview, Paige handled herself with poise, confidence, and enthusiasm, effectively re-branding the company as a sustainability-oriented and innovative leader in attracting STEM talent thanks to her passion and enthusiasm.
Paige’s experience with Solar Impulse gave her the opportunity to apply her electrical engineering background in a new and exciting way, and marked the beginning of her role as a spokesperson for young women in STEM. She remains a voice for the company in inspiring the next generation to create their own path in STEM fields. Paige also challenges the stereotypes surrounding engineers, redefining the role as a “problem-solving adventurer.” Though her solar assignment is complete, her leadership role is just beginning. 
Her story has influenced and inspired younger generations of STEM young women to encourage their pursuit of the field around the country. In one special “Girls in STEM” Skype session with 60 high school girls in Texas, Paige encouraged the students who came from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue a degree in the field and make an impact in their community. Currently, Paige is co-chair of Pittsburgh’s WIE chapter. She will be speaking at the IEEE WIE Leadership Summit East this year and potentially at the International Leadership Conference next year. 

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