Casey Hedlund
LORD Corporation

“Manufacturing gives me the opportunity to be creative and learn something new each day. I am able to be innovative and collaborate with others to solve any challenge. I enjoy seeing how a material or process that I helped develop becomes part of technology enabling helicopters and aircrafts to fly.”

Casey relies on her exceptional technical and project management skills to improve processes and materials that drive business results.  She demonstrates both innovativeness and tenacity in continually working to improve on materials to optimize performance. She has shown her ability to take ownership of challenging situations, even those she’s unfamiliar with, and drive for a resolution, often producing detailed schedules to ensure that each step in the process is performed exactly on schedule.
Casey has been instrumental in leveraging the mentoring and training she received to help others transition into new roles, both initially and in an ongoing capacity. Over the last couple of years, Casey has created and delivered numerous presentations on the chemistry of the materials LORD typically uses, the tests for characterizing the materials, and the processes used in production. Daily, Casey is approached with questions and concerns on materials and processes, and shares her knowledge and experience with others.
In her nearly five years at LORD Corporation, Casey has volunteered with four different outreach programs, various career and STEM fairs, and has had multiple students shadow her. For the last few years, Casey has led the materials group table at a local middle school STEM event hosted by LORD. And each year, she volunteers at the Penn State Erie Math Options for Girls event. She has also participated in LORD Corporation’s Junior Achievement effort.  Casey has taught seven kindergarten classes about saving, trading, and sharing; and helped teach fifth graders about experimentation, teamwork, and safety while making paperweights with epoxy for the School to Industry Program. 

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