Stephanie Hayes
Manufacturing Engineering and Launch Manager

“Manufacturing challenges me every day, and there is never a dull moment. I have the opportunity to use the latest technologies and am constantly learning. I thrive when developing creative solutions to address problems. It is extremely rewarding to execute continuous improvement actions to advance the business.”

Stephanie’s accomplishments span across her career, and they’ve resulted in her recognition as a leading woman within the company and throughout the industry. She has managed 14 different Ford products simultaneously as the engineering launch manager. Her ability to lead her engineers and to interface with the customer, the Faurecia program team, and the Faurecia Saline production team served as a model for all. Stephanie’s execution of adjudicating and balancing millions of dollars in launch budget for hundreds of assembly operations, complex machinery, and facilities were simply flawless. Her innate gift of articulating a vision for the lean manufacturing of automobile interior components is renowned within the company, and peers from across Faurecia rely on her counsel. 
Stephanie’s approach to leading, teaching, guiding, and mentoring her team of nine engineers, many senior to her in age and tenure, has been a truly exceptional. She holds her team accountable, taking every disappointment and success as an opportunity to mentor and teach them. Her actions, even during times of crisis, are those any leader should emulate.
Nominated to serve on the Faurecia North America Gender Diversity Committee, Stephanie is part of the initial gender diversity core team that works to promote diversity within Faurecia. As such, Stephanie conducts the awareness training for managers and professionals throughout North America. In addition, she makes a concerted effort to single out and speak individually with female college interns, recent university graduates, and plant operators in advocating gender diversity. Hundreds of young women, who never considered studying engineering, manufacturing, or the sciences have had their lives influenced in a positive manner by Stephanie’s well-crafted message.

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