Emily Hardie
Manager, Marketing Communication
AGCO Corporation 

"Communicators in manufacturing have the task of simplifying complex ideas - that is our contribution to the manufacturing and distribution process. At AGCO, I get to do this for one of the world's most noble and necessary pursuits: feeding the world."

Emily has excelled in creating clarity and order to educate and communicate in this new market of precision agriculture. She’s created tools that directly increase the industry’s understanding of precision agriculture, which helps AGCO achieve growth, and more importantly, helps farmers be more efficient and improve their ability to feed the world’s growing population.  
Emily brings a wealth of marketing knowledge and creativity to her role, and has been a unifying factor in organizing marketing communication activities across the globe. She has exhibited this leadership not only by building and managing global marketing strategy through various AGCO entities, but also by convincing the broader organization of new, more effective ways to participate in messaging. 
She is an outstanding leader who fosters development within her team. Emily sets achievable goals based on their experience and skills, then helps them understand how they can continue to grow, developing tailored plans for each team member. She also provides her team members opportunities to develop outside their comfort zones and helps them advance their capabilities into these new areas. 
Emily has a strong sense of purpose and responsibility towards effecting positive change in the community. For the last three years, she has been on the Board of Directors for the Showcase Group, an organization that works to prevent youth from entering the juvenile justice system by providing exposure to cultural arts, delinquency diversion, workforce development, educational services, and coping skills. In addition to her volunteerism at the Showcase Group, Emily has spent many years volunteering at the Atlanta Humane Society. 

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