Elizabeth Gubrud-Howe
Director of Sales and Services
Dover Corporation

“I am passionate about manufacturing because products represent our legacy. Unlike software and similar industries, our products last 50 years or more and provide real solutions that will continue to be relevant. And in my position, I get to be part of it every step of the way.”

Elizabeth is an integral member of the leadership team at OPW Midland. As the Director of Sales and Services, she improved Midland’s forecasting process to provide greater detail in sales expectations for production, allowing better visibility into material and manpower demands ahead of changes in the market. Elizabeth also initiated a monthly employee recognition program that has greatly improved morale throughout the organization. She leads cross-functional teams to solve customer-related issues, giving the teams clear goals and guiding them through root cause analysis and determination of corrective actions. 
She has mentored one of her sales employees for the last two years, developing him from a forecasting analyst into a sales manager. Relying on her strong HR background, Elizabeth created a development plan to provide him with opportunities to develop customer relationships and engage in sales presentations on the remanufacturing services. Through active coaching, this individual developed skills necessary to provide technical support for the sales team, and is the company’s primary field technical sales person on customer issues.
Elizabeth is also active in the local community. She is a member of the Siskiyou Mountain Club and is passionate about its mission. Most recently, the club organized a program that put a group of 40 7th and 8th grade students to work for the month of July. The students were from Medford, Oregon; where average incomes are at historic lows, and poverty rates at record-breaking highs.  They learned the defining concepts of conservation in a traditional work setting, developing outdoor skills, work ethic, and ultimately restored proper water flow to a trail that had been damaged.

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