Thomya Goode
Senior Industrial Engineer

"My joy/passion in life is ensuring quality-of-life resources and support for our communities. I love that excellence in manufacturing can be measured by one's dedication to providing their manufacturing staff with the skills and capabilities necessary to achieve the ultimate goal of supplying the end-user with quality, life-changing products."

Thomya is a natural leader and has been recognized for responding exceptionally well to changing circumstances within the organization, taking on a significant increase in responsibilities while also delivering meaningful results within the business. Over the past 18 months, Thomya has led multiple continuous improvement projects to ensure the company's ability to achieve projected volume increases of 20% year over year.  Her positive attitude, perseverance, ability to constructively ask tough questions, openness to feedback, and commitment to delivering results demonstrate her outstanding leadership.
Thomya readily engages with her peers and offers support and guidance to solve any issues without request. As the site’s Lean expert, she has taken the initiative to create and conduct Lean training to supplement employees’ problem solving skillset. She is extremely approachable and always makes time to help others with their problems, which has allowed her to expand the benefits of the Lean methodology beyond the traditional manufacturing applications and into surrounding business processes.
Each spring semester, Thomya commits to empowering high school age students to enter the engineering field by working with Techbridge. Through this venture, Thomya works with a small team of 3-5 students to identify a "fun" problem experienced at the school and create an engineering solution to resolve the problem. She also has a regular commitment to the local library through Project Read, where she tutors adults in English as a second language. Thomya is an advocate for food access in low-income communities and volunteers as a council member with the Oakland Food Policy Council and various other food justice organizations in the Bay Area community.  

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