Stephanie Dean
Manufacturing Manager

"I am passionate about making a difference in the lives of our employees as well as the future of our product. In manufacturing you have the ability to drive change to your product, your processes, and the lives of those people that are the foundation of your company."

Stephanie is a natural leader with the ability to motivate those around her and lead toward common goals. As an individual contributor, Stephanie took on extra responsibilities to work with other departments to find ways to make the engineering process more Lean. As an Engineering Supervisor, she improved quality reviews by instituting more stringent order reviews, coaching individuals to higher performance, and developing a prioritization culture of product quality.  
Stephanie is constantly looking for the next generation of leadership in the organization. She builds relationships with individuals in the operations workforce resulting in a mentoring partnership that helps them realize their full potential. Stephanie’s willingness to go above and beyond with anyone across the organization is a testament to her leadership and to her commitment to build organizational capability. 
Stephanie shares her passion with the community through mentoring activities at the local public schools and community colleges. She volunteers as the Electrical Engineering Technology Steering Committee Chair, where she provides guidance to the engineering department on career opportunities and how to develop curriculum to meet employer needs. She also participates in career day activities at elementary and high schools, talking to students about the importance of pursuing education and opportunities in STEM programs. 
Beyond the Community Involvement Team at Eaton, she also serves as a Chair of Women Adding Value at Eaton. As a Chair of this organization, Stephanie works with her team to organize and lead service activities to support the local community, as well as troops overseas.  

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