Debbie Dalley
Site Director
BASF Corporation

"Manufacturing is an incredibly diverse environment, encompassing a wide range of industries and career opportunities. It is constantly changing, challenging, and tangible; bringing new experiences daily. It combines science and innovation to make products that help to benefit society today and in the future."

Debbie has held a range of roles in her 26-year career, acting as a site leader for 13 of those years. Among her strengths is driving her teams for continuous improvement and positive change. As a site leader, she has faced numerous challenges from plant and site expansions, to plant and site contractions. Through the changes, she fosters a positive team environment by valuing the contributions of the individuals to the betterment of all. She consistently sets an example and commits herself to be available to others. 
Debbie is active in the formal BASF mentoring program, both as a mentor and mentee, but her main contributions are within her own team. She is direct with feedback, but sensitive to others’ ability to accept the feedback. She was a major contributor and supporter of the SBI feedback model at the BASF Beaumont site, and she and her team use this model to provide direct and relevant feedback to all employees and contractors at the site.
Although she is neither a native Texan nor originally from the US, Debbie has made her mark in her community as a brand ambassador for BASF and the Beaumont site. She is a strong supporter of STEM programs and is active in the local universities, supporting local internships at the BASF Beaumont site and advocating diversity and inclusion in those programs. She is also a member of the local BASF Community Action Panel (CAP), where local community influencers are brought together to discuss site and community issues and foster a strong positive community outreach.  

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