Madisen Dahl
Marketing and Recruiting Specialist
JD Machine Corp

"I am passionate about keeping the American Dream alive – continuing the manufacturing legacy of my parents and grandparents, by building a workforce full of brilliant creators and innovators. It’s a privilege to spend time in a lean manufacturing environment where the impossible is accomplished on a daily basis."

Maddie is an exceptional communicator, leader, and role model in each role she fills.  She addressed a critical need through the grant she wrote as a chapter executive of the Northern Utah Chapter of the National Tooling and Machining Association (NUNTMA). The grant allowed for the development of machinist apprenticeship programs for local CNC Machine Shops, along with the marketing of those programs. Maddie has spearheaded the recruiting of employees for JD Machine Corp, dramatically improving the quality of employees being hired and enlarging the scope of work that can be brought in. She has revamped the onboarding procedures, ensuring that new hires feel connected to the company. She values the success of others, and makes networking and connecting people a priority. 
Maddie has developed leadership skills through her role as Chapter Executive for the NUNTMA. She supports a board of nine business executives, and leads 26 member companies. As the administrator for the Machine Utah Program, Maddie has taken an active leadership role in the recruiting, retaining, and development of Machine Utah Apprenticeship Programs. 
She is truly an ambassador for manufacturing, consistently supporting the efforts of public education in manufacturing. Maddie has planned and supported two National Robotics League competitions, helping in the marketing and development of the program, supporting local schools with their preparations, and battles at the event. She also attends many high school career days, STEM fairs, and job fairs. Outside of work, she gives back by mentoring a group of teenage girls, ages 12-18, discussing integrity, team-work, self-worth, and accountability. 

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