Erin Culver
Quality Assurance Engineer  
BWXT Nuclear Operations Group, Inc.

"The satisfaction generated from a great day of safety, quality, and productivity drives our company to continuously make components of the highest standard. There is a sense of pride in knowing the components we manufacture impact our nation’s security as well as the lives of our sailors."

Erin joined BWX Technologies in 2013 as part of a team created to provide consistency across three BWXT facilities in relation to Quality Assurance. She’s had to leverage both her technical and communication skills to not only create new programs and procedures, but generate buy-in for them. While not in a direct management roll, Erin has led teams and facilitated discussions regarding quality performance and continuous improvement. In 2016, Erin became part of the Quality Engineering department where she is instrumental in guiding department managers to identify and address key performance indicators.
Erin is an active, approachable mentor. As an active member of the Society of Women Engineers, Erin has served numerous roles in the society, including a focus on mentoring college students and women transitioning in their careers. In her current role at BWXT, she is commonly asked by other engineers to share her experience with other facilities to aid in problem solving and address concerns based on best practices observed. 
Erin has been involved in several charity-based fundraisers over the past few years. As an avid cross-fitter for the past four years, Erin has participated in 10+ annual fundraising workouts across the northeastern Ohio area. In 2015, Erin and her family became supporters of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's Light the Night walk, which raises money and awareness of blood cancer diseases. Last year, Erin and her family raised more than $3,000 in support of development for cures of blood cancers.  

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