Valerie Coffman
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) 
Xometry, Inc.

"This fundamental economic sector is ripe for disruption and presents fascinating technical challenges and opportunities. Xometry is leading innovation by using computational geometry and data science to automate low-volume production.  I’m driven by using cutting-edge technology to create efficiencies for our customers and network of manufacturing partners across the U.S."

Valerie is a unique scientist and mathematician who can take theoretical concepts and convert them into business reality. Her work has revolutionized the way low-volume manufacturing is sourced for traditional machining and advanced additive manufacturing. Since 2014, Valerie has been committed to building the company’s software team from scratch.  Her strategic leadership approach allowed her to focus on developing the key intellectual property of the business. 
As a woman in science, Valerie has been breaking barriers her entire life and she’s grateful for the mentors who have helped her along the way. She has hired many people straight out of graduate school who are now key members of the team, and she’s passionate about helping others grow their skills in business and technology. Even on her busiest days, Valerie makes time to grab coffee with young scientists, sharing her experiences and advice with those interested in technology.
As a PhD physicist-turned data scientist, Valeria has been embedded in the technology community in D.C. for more than 10 years, regularly contributing through her work and personal time. She has been a passionate advocate online, writing for Data Science Community, contributing to the “Ask a Scientist” column for the Ithaca Times, and putting her own science spin on pop culture with her creative blog posts.
Valerie’s work, enthusiasm, and advocacy also extend well beyond the digital space. She frequently contributes to a variety of events in the DMV community. Valerie initiated the recent “3D Printing for Start-Ups” event, hosted by Xometry, in D.C. during the White House’s National Week of Making initiative.  

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