Carol Click
 Material Manager, Glass Development
Corning Incorporated
"Manufacturing is where ideas, hopes, and dreams become real products. In the case of glass containers, our manufacturing plants are where mined raw materials are processed into useful, transparent, and aesthetic glass containers capable of preserving and transporting today’s premium food and beverage products."

Carol is a natural born leader who continues to challenge herself to be a transformational leader every day.   She is skilled at translating science into practical measures, and effective at asking the right critical questions to interpret scientific results. Carol is readily able to think outside the box and solve production problems in non-traditional ways, always willing to work outside her comfort zone. 
She has been instrumental in developing a global innovation in the packaging industry - red colored glass for O-I. She worked with her team to develop a material composition that is more stable over a variety of processing conditions, and developed an operations window to achieve high volume yields, despite significant challenges. 
Carol believes in developing her team to be the future leaders for the glass packaging industry, by coaching the individuals to be independent thinkers and working with them to solve problems, rather than providing the answer directly to them. Every year Carol mentors multiple college students through her co-op program at O-I. 
She shares her passion for the glass industry and engages with students to help them see the amazing science behind creating glass bottles. One of the ways Carol conveys her passion is by giving guest lectures to undergraduates about how glass science is translated at the industrial level. She teaches students how their classroom education can be applied to practical environments in industrial development and manufacturing. Carol demonstrates how to be a successful, influential female in a male-dominated industry and encourages young women to achieve the same. 

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