Sandra Chen
NPI Operations - Manufacturing Quality 

"The manufacturing industry has given me the opportunity to travel worldwide and work with a global operations and supply chain. The most invaluable aspect has been interfacing with a global team of people who have different backgrounds, skills, and experiences; hence the ingenious, enriching conversations which create the best products."

Sandra is an extremely effective and natural leader in her role.  She has proven to be invaluable, time and time again, through her take-charge approach. Her excellent communication and technical skills are key to the success of her efforts with her team.  In her role, Sandra helps to help align internal and external key stakeholders in different parts of the world to deliver critical product requirements in a timely manner. She has helped the team move along by asking the hard questions, providing foresight, and highlighting the risks to the team.
Sandra has mentored manufacturing engineering team interns, especially women. She is able to not only assist them with practical work matters, but with other important issues as well such as work-life balance, career pathways, and network building.  Sandra also participates in recruiting & bringing onboard new full-time manufacturing and automation engineer hires. Outside of work, Sandra is a biweekly mentor and active volunteer for low-income female high school students in the greater Oakland region who are interested in STEM fields.
She has helped raise awareness and recruit co-workers into Equalbits (resource group for women in tech at Fitbit) and organize events internally and externally. To provide the support the group needs, Sandra has assisted in surveying, analyzing, and identifying issues that needed to be addressed. Sandra is also an active volunteer and fosters dogs at the local Oakland animal shelter – having served over 100 hours to the community. 
Sandra graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2012 with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Her first encounter and story of when she fell in love with manufacturing was as an intern in college, designing and producing next generation products for reliability testing at a German automotive supplier. Since then, she has worked at Apple on manufacturing design for iPhone enclosures and at Fitbit leading manufacturing, automation, and supply chain. More recently, she is in NPI Operations focused on Manufacturing Quality on Facebook’s hardware infrastructure.  

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