Cynthia Casmay
Senior Specialist, Business Consulting  
Merck & Co., Inc. 

"Through my experience in the manufacturing division of a company that has a strong focus and history of research and development, I have found a passion in manufacturing as the driver of progress and invention. Advances in manufacturing and manufacturing technology have the potential to be incredible innovation engines."

Cindy demonstrates exceptional leadership skills which she leverages to her advantage in her role as an internal business consultant.  Tasked with driving performance in areas known to have significant issues, she often finds herself in the challenging situation of having to deliver unpopular messages to those she works closely with, most of whom are senior to her. Her systematic approach, coupled with her ability to build trust and connect with the organizations she supports routinely, result in improved performance.  She is effective not only in assessing situations and identifying changes needed, but also in helping to bring about change in mind-set and behavior to accomplish business results.
As a graduate of the Merck Leadership Development Program, Cindy has continued to be an active sponsor and advocate of the program for future members. She supports the onboarding process and provides coaching and career counseling to help with each person’s transition. She also draws from her own experiences and job knowledge, and often shares her personal story and challenges she faced as a new team member. 
Cindy also supports the local community in a range of efforts. As a Lehigh University Alumni, Cindy has found herself volunteering on numerous occasions supporting the collection and distribution of clothing and food, benefiting needy families in the local community. She is an active member of Merck's Millennial Network as the External Relations Lead, and served on the Community Volunteer Committee while within the Leadership Development Program. Whether she’s contributing on a team to participate in the Walk for Alzheimer’s, or working to provide shelter for the homeless, Cindy embodies service-before-self values.  

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