Frankie Casanas
Shift Leader
John Middleton Co.

"Manufacturing is a place where the people are second to none and the opportunities are boundless. The people have such a great sense of teamwork, pride, and dedication to produce the best quality products. Manufacturing provides the opportunity to find your passion through cross-functional relationships and skill sets."

Frankie has significantly contributed to enhancing efficiency throughout the organization, as well as helped to close training gaps for employees in the facility. She has improved productivity, saved approximately 488 hours of overtime, and has simplified the month-end inventory process. Through her efforts, employee morale has improved.
Frankie is continuously looking for ways to enhance the communication and productivity of the teams within her organization. She implemented infrastructure to build individual capability for each of the Group Leaders in her department, including providing training and support to help improve staff technological capabilities. Frankie is focused on the development of others in the facility and has developed cross-training for all employees in the facility to help improve performance. She is an approachable leader who maintains an open and honest relationship with employees by respecting their concerns and addressing them in a timely manner.
Frankie shares her talents with the community at large. She participated in the TriCounty Chamber of Commerce Leadership Forum, which focuses on sustaining community participation by training and providing new and emerging leaders with the expertise to serve on nonprofit boards. Frankie has also served on the Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Governance Committee. In addition, Frankie served on the YWCA, Tribute to Exceptional Women committee, exemplifying her contribution to the community.

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