Kendra Carter
Olefins Business Manager
INEOS Olefins & Polymers USA

"By working in manufacturing, I have been able to make an impact on the lives of people every day. The products we make touch people through their clothing, housing, food, and transportation. What we do improves the quality of life for people around the world, and that is truly inspiring."

Kendra’s knowledge and background in the olefins and refining business provided a solid platform to build from when the business was acquired by INEOS in 2005.  Her leadership in locating and developing personnel resulted in a seamless transition. The olefins business has grown 300 percent under Kendra’s direction, and she has been instrumental in the successful implementation of projects that have increased production while reducing the environmental footprint of the business.  
Kendra leads the Olefins Asset Team, a cross-functional team of Senior Managers from commercial, finance, operations, maintenance, and procurement, which is responsible for all aspects of running the business. Through her leadership, Kendra has promoted an open dialogue leading to proactive engagement by employees across all functions in identifying, analyzing, and implementing solutions to problems and opportunities that result in optimal business performance while maintaining safe, reliable operations. 
She is passionate about sharing her skills and knowledge to benefit others, including offering mentoring through presentations of timely business topics and performance reviews of the business. With her extensive experience, she has been an advocate for engineers to consider less traditional roles as a career path, and has been instrumental in moving personnel from the sites into decision-making roles in the business. 
Kendra participates on the INEOS O&P Community Activities Team, which holds many fundraising events involving employees for the benefit of several local charities. This team also hosts both a school supply drive and a Christmas gift drive for a local school district, and is responsible for providing thousands of gifts to needy families over the years.  

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