Michele Broekemeier
Manufacturing Systems Manager
Behlen Mfg. Co. 
"I enjoy and am inspired by the fast-paced environment of manufacturing because every day brings new challenges and opportunities. It is exciting working with teams striving to improve processes for positive change. I am passionate about helping to provide the tools needed to make our customers and employees better off."

Michele has played pivotal roles in several projects during her 20 years at Behlen.  Michele’s leadership role spans across all four regional sites, and is critical to ensuring that that nearly $200M worth of global shipments happen. Her quiet leadership, ability to see the big picture, and strong work ethic inspire others to do great things.
Michele has participated in the intern program at Behlen over the past 20 years. Each year, she hosts a high school/college student in her department. Michele has developed interns that have started as high school sophomores and worked through their college years. She has a knack for pushing people outside their comfort limits and watching them soar. Michele is passionate about improving processes and developing people. Using her knowledge in Lean, Just in Time, and APICS, Michele utilizes these concepts to develop countless employees, referred to as Partners in Progress, with toolsets to help them excel at their workstations.
Michele’s passion for developing people doesn’t stop at work. She has been involved in the local 4-H organization for more than 10 years, with the past five years as a leader, relying on her skills to help develop the young women/men in her community. She was also one of the first graduating classes of Leadership Columbus, a program that develops and enhances leadership skills of participants, while educating them on various aspects of the community. Leadership Columbus projects have included community betterment programs like Habitat for Humanity.

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