Roselle Bleile
Site Leader
The Dow Chemical Company

"Manufacturing is fun, fast-paced, and diverse! Everyday offers a new challenge which is motivating and invigorating. Accomplishment, progress, and achievements are evident daily. Manufacturing provides the opportunity to interface with and learn from people of all backgrounds and at all levels, inside and outside of my company."

Roselle’s manufacturing experience is both broad and deep, and she applies her leadership and technical skills to make a difference in whatever role she assumes. Roselle has been instrumental in the important effort to modernize and restart a major ethylene cracker. During this project, she demonstrated a strong commitment to safety excellence, and the safety performance through construction, re-commissioning, and startup was injury free. 
Roselle sets high expectations for herself and her organizations. She leads by example and clearly communicates expectations to her teams, managing performance consistently across the board and handling difficult conversations positively and constructively. Roselle is also passionate about developing her employees through timely, effective training and more importantly, practiced application. 
Roselle has officially and unofficially mentored many company employees and others outside of the company. Many of her mentees have been females who seek advice on work-life balance concerns. Roselle uses these mentoring moments to reinforce that what matters most is their happiness, whether that is derived from their personal or professional life. She also enjoys speaking with high school students who are trying to decide whether an engineering degree is right for them. 
She shares her talents with the community as well.  Roselle is active with her church parish and associated school.  She has participated in Habitat for Humanity and volunteered at soup kitchens and homeless shelters.  In her current capacity as Texas City site leader, Roselle contributes to Texas City United Way activities including serving as a volunteer for the “Shrimp Boil” and “Miles for the Mainland” fundraising events.  

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