Erica Benisch
Strategic Supply Chain Architect
Intel Corporation

"Manufacturing and supply chain are like big puzzles, the pieces are always different, but they always come together to make a beautiful picture. I enjoy figuring out the most efficient way to put the puzzle pieces together." 

Erica began at Intel as a Factory Planning Analyst for systems manufacturing. She quickly found that she could combine her passion for supply chain with her knowledge of information systems and become an expert on data and systems necessary for the business unit to conduct business, embracing APICS as a standard. Today, as a Strategic Supply Chain Architect, she develops solutions to complex planning problems in the reverse logistics supply chain. 
Erica sits on the Intel APICS core team and leads a group of global peers in reviewing a new professional certification for adoption within her group and broader Intel employees. She steps up to challenges and provides leadership, whether as a lean champion, as a people manager, or by taking the lead in system implementation between companies. 
Erica is actively making an impact in the local, national, and global community. Her passion for ensuring every foster child has a permanent lifelong connection in the community inspired her signature Benisch Girl’s Art Show and Fundraiser to raise awareness of children in foster care. Her work was featured in a Connections segment for Boys and Girls Aide and raised more than $2,600. 
On a broader scale, Erica has been a member of APICS since 2001 and began volunteering with APICS at the local and district level in 2007. In 2010 she began volunteering in strategic committees for APICS and joined the Board of Directors in 2014.  She is also a keynote speaker for 3er Congreso de APICS Capítulo México and is considered a thought leader on talent developing. 

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