Nora Arellano
Toyota Technical Center (TCC)

"There's a couple of reasons I'm passionate about manufacturing. First, taking an idea to paper then making that a reality is an empowering experience. Working through challenges to create better products and make what can seem to be impossible, possible. Last, knowing that I make a contribution to make products that improve our lives."

Nora has demonstrated active leadership on a range of major projects, including the overhead system on the Venza vehicle, where she led a team of design engineers and modelers to earn both internal recognition and three U.S. patents. Throughout her work, she applies both her technical skills and leadership talents to improve design and resolve marketing and production issues to create success. In an especially challenging leadership role with the Corolla project, Nora leveraged her management skills to create a strong cross-cultural learning environment and build strength in a diverse team.
Nora is an exceptional mentor. She excels as team leader where she takes every opportunity to share her knowledge with her teammates, helping them to learn and develop. Her most notable mentor experience was on the Corolla project, where she was not only effective in creating a technical development plan for each new team member, but also helped each member assimilate to the new cultural setting. Using her experience and network, she could make the team members comfortable in their shift from Mexico to Michigan, offering support and guidance along the way.
Nora is a positive role model showing dedication to the community. She consistently volunteers on projects outside the technical center, including working tirelessly with Habitat for Humanity to rebuild homes in many of the company’s neighboring, at-need communities. She has also volunteered on the Huron River Watershed project, working diligently to clean up and re-establish this important local area. Her commitment to making everything around her better is evident to anyone who works with her, whether in the office or in the community. 

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