Francisca Kokui Adesokan
PW1100G-JM Externals Model Manager
Pratt & Whitney 

"Manufacturing enables growth. Leading diverse, cross-functional teams to transform ideas into products and seeing the growth those products enable in our community is exciting."

Francisca has been instrumental in driving several high-impact, complicated engineering changes to completion. She was effective in coordinating with other Pratt and Whitney organizations and drove results that directly enabled the company’s commitment to deliver engines to Airbus.  She routinely provides strong leadership by working closely with her integrated team members, removing barriers, and enhancing communication. She is successful in collaborating across every level of the organization.
With a proficiency level 3 in the Project discipline, Francisca is active in mentoring lower proficiency Project employees. Over the last year, she has provided mentoring to two new hires in the Externals organization and has helped them improve their knowledge of engineering standard work with respect to the Project discipline. Francisca enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience with her peers to improve overall performance and efficiency.
Francisca is very active with the United Way activities at Pratt & Whitney, helping to lead, organize, and champion the United Way effort to raise money to support the community.  She is also passionate about outreach, participating in youth career development activities where she visits schools in East Hartford, as part of the Career Fair yearly event, and provides guidance and inspiration for students, mostly of lower income, to stay in school and go to college.

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