Claire Yu
R&D Program Manager
USG Corporation
Chicago, IL

“Coming from a family with several generations of scientist and engineers, I have great passion for science and technology, yet great advances in science and technology can't materialize without manufacturing. Knowing that I can touch millions of people’s lives by making one great product is extremely rewarding and motivating.”

Claire plays an integral role on the company’s research team at its Corporate Innovation Center (CIC) in Libertyville. As an R&D leader, Claire spearheads a team of 16 researchers with very diverse experiences and backgrounds to develop innovative building products and solutions that offer high performance, excellent quality, sustainability, and a great customer experience. 
Whether mentoring junior level team members at USG’s Corporate Innovation Center or presenting complex research projects to the company’s c-suite executives at the corporate headquarters, Claire is a respected leader and visionary throughout all levels of the company. People who work closely with Claire often credit her success to her ability to inspire others to think differently and to her intellectual curiosity to meet new challenges and solve complex problems. She has contributed as an inventor on six patents while at USG, which adds to the four patents Claire received through her previous work. 
Claire is very engaged with the staff at the Corporate Innovation Center and helps to foster a collaborative environment and bring the team together.  She believes it is important to serve as a resource for junior level employees, especially women in STEM, who are just learning how to navigate in their field of work. 
Claire makes it a priority to engage and excite young people to learn about science and how it’s woven into our lives. As part of Claire’s involvement with the American Chemical Society, she has made a significant impact on the community by supporting future chemists through educational programs. Claire has also visited local middle schools as a USG Science Speaker through the United Way Science Speaker Initiative.

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