Nichole Williams
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
Cooper Tire & Rubber Company
Tupelo, MS

"The foundations of manufacturing are creation and innovation. Manufacturing allows anyone to get involved in those processes and take pride in a product they have helped to create. I believe this is part of what makes manufacturing so unique and is one of the reasons I'm passionate about it.”

Nichole has had many opportunities to be a leader in her two years at Cooper Tire. She spent over a year leading waste reduction efforts for three different departments, which exposed her to multiple areas of the facility and gave her the opportunity to work with many different types of people. Her newest leadership assignment is to facilitate her plant's next wave of Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training. She's responsible for ensuring that each aspect of training is handled from location booking to preparing training materials, organizing Black Belts to teach modules to leading training and teaching several modules herself. 
Nichole's role as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt has given her many opportunities to mentor coworkers on various projects. From new young employees who may need a little guidance, to older employees who want help looking at a problem from a different perspective, Nichole offers patience and experience that make her effective.
Nichole looks forward to participating as a member of Cooper Tire’s first Dream Team, a group of employees who serve as ambassadors to promote manufacturing as a great career choice at local schools and in the media. Nichole has recently designed a career exhibit for middle school students and looks forward to sharing it with students this spring. She also shares her enthusiasm with Cooper Troopers, the plant’s community service group, in a range of efforts to engage employees and give back to the community.

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