Kristen Widunas
Site Operations Manager
Jabil Circuit, Inc.
St. Petersburg, FL

“I enjoy knowing how products are built from design to shipment and knowing the challenges that come with building products. There are also endless career options and mobility available if you choose to pursue advancements.”

As a respected thought leader at Jabil and within the Defense and Aerospace division, Kristen’s contributions have been far‐reaching across the organization. In her 15-year career at Jabil, she has led numerous Lean Six Sigma initiatives at the St. Petersburg, Florida facility, directly contributing to a four million dollar savings for the company. To ensure her plant site has a strong culture of continuous improvement, Kristen is constantly coming up with innovative ways for Jabil to implement a variety of Lean initiatives and has multiple Lean projects in the pipeline. 
Kristen’s success is in part due to her technical acumen and dedication, but the source of her distinction lies in her natural ability to observe, and adapt to all situations, listening and learning through all phases of her career. She is an early adopter of new technologies, turning complex concepts and manufacturing processes into simple, elegant solutions. 
Kristen mentors her employees at work, organizes internship and placement programs for students, and coaches young girls at a softball team. Her door is always open to everyone from the manufacturing floor to the executives, and dozens of her co‐workers walk through that door on a daily basis looking for advice.  Her goal is to develop the next generation of manufacturing leaders - and softball players. 
She and her team are currently developing a program for local school children that emphasizes women in STEM careers. She tasked each of her managers with creating a two to three hour session explaining what their department does in a form of a simulation of a chocolate factory. They will pilot this program with employees and later expand to local schools. 

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