Anna Welch
Inventory Expeditor Sr.
Baker Hughes Incorporated
Houston, TX

“I have learned many things in the past 10 years,  from increasing my knowledge base in regards to the  manufacturing of products from different type of materials.  We get to make things such as parts and tools for the oil field, to medals for the Olympics.”

Anna has consistently demonstrated a commitment to achieving a high-volume of work and executing the Inventory Technician position flawlessly. She has an excellent work ethic and sets a positive example for co-workers. As a diligent and dedicated employee, Anna anticipates future needs and requirements without direct supervision. She is extremely proactive and capable of recognizing immediate problems and the need for action.
Anna approaches leadership in a results-driven manner. She works collaboratively to gain comprehensive understanding of a problem, discussing strategies for improving functionality and job processes with her colleagues and superiors. 
Anna is a very experienced and knowledgeable employee who is willing to share her knowledge with other employees. She challenges others in a non-threatening manner and helps them look at a situation from a new perspective. She listens actively and provides consistent and constant feedback. She accepts responsibility for her actions and expects others to do the same. By setting this tone, she earns the respect of her fellow employees and the respect of the employee being mentored.
Low employee morale can adversely affect the ability to attract and retain the best employees and have a detrimental effect on productivity. Anna has directly impacted the employee community by volunteering to organize and coordinate special events at the Coiled Tubing Research & Engineering facility, boosting morale and building a positive environment. Anna is instrumental to ensuring these events are a success and would not be possible without her.

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