Susan Walsh
Director, Commercial and International Programs
Pratt & Whitney
Washington, DC

“A robust and innovative manufacturing sector is essential to sustaining and expanding domestic economic growth, and delivering wider and increased prosperity to the U.S. Importantly, 21st century manufacturing's emphasis on STEM skills offer women new career paths and leadership opportunities.”

Susan’s technical knowledge and relationship building skills have been integral within the company and in her work on the company’s behalf with government organizations. Her understanding of technical certification issues and current Federal Aviation Administration criteria fosters relationships vital to the advancement of the company’s commercial engine programs.  Susan has been deeply involved in building relationships between Pratt & Whitney and the Commerce Department in an effort to both build international advocacy for the company’s products and to drive policy initiatives that favor the company.
 In the past year, her efforts have resulted in the P&W VP for manufacturing being appointed to the Secretary of Commerce’s Council on Manufacturing, and P&W being invited to play a leading role in the White House Supply Chain initiative. These efforts position P&W as a global leader in manufacturing, effectively increasing supplier contract and capital, and promoting retention of talent.
Susan demonstrates industry-wide leadership skills as a board member of the International Aviation Women’s Association, serving in various capacities for the past six years. Susan also mentors female vice presidents within the organization, as well as executives and professional staff from a variety of functions, on how to engage on the international scene.
Susan represents Pratt & Whitney to the larger aerospace community in Washington, D.C., currently sitting on the boards of the Aero Club of Washington, and the Royal Aeronautical Society/Washington, DC Branch. In addition, Susan has been a member of the Industry Trade Advisory Committee on Aerospace Equipment since 1988. 

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