Mary Waldo
Vice President, Operations
CoLinx, LLC
Crossville, TN

“My passion stems from strong teamwork to provide a future for our company and employees, being the very best we can be!”

Mary’s dedication and commitment to the organization, along with her willingness to take on challenges, have contributed to her success. She is viewed as highly competent, driven, detail-oriented, and team-focused.  She brings people together with her openness, character, honesty, and sincerity and accomplishes business results. And she acts as the face of the company with stakeholders.
She is a servant leader, crediting others with successes, but acting as the catalyst for them.  Part of her success is her ability to prioritize actions from a seemingly endless list of opportunities. She uses her detail focus and her project orientation to think pragmatically about options, and choose the ones that yield the best return right now. 
She is also instrumental in mentoring within the organization, and has an exceptionally loyal following. Mary has the ability to identify employees with high potential and develop them. She expects from others as she expects from herself, and leads them through by being both nurturing and demanding. 
Because of her professional history, Mary is an inspiration to many people in the community. She demonstrates how you can start at the bottom and move to the top while raising a family and getting a degree. She believes the greatest impact she can make in the community is to make the plant she manages successful and grow the workforce, which has expanded from 150 to 700 during her tenure.  She is active in the local HR community, sharing best practices with other companies, and learning from theirs as well.

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